Cherchi & De Vos, European law firm

Since its set-up in 1987, Cherchi & De Vos , European Law Firm (formely Cherchi & Partners) has aimed to be à law Firm with both a humanist and an European dimension. Assisting the citizen, while promoting Europe has been our philosophy.

The Cabinet Cherchi & De Vos is specialised in Belgian and Italian Law. The founder Mariapaola Cherchi, with her international spirit, has defended her clients’rights and interests in several European countries. The Cabinet Cherchi & De Vos is supported by a network of lawyers, who share the same values and philosophy.

Being a lawyer in Europe demands an international approach. This is what we offer to our clients!

Cherchi and De Vos is European in practice as well as in spirit, putting itself “at the service of European citizens”.

Our creed: the law at the service of the citizen!

Mariapaola Cherchi is the founder of the « Mouvement du citoyen européen pour la Justice ».
Cherchi & De Vos
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The Cherchi & De Vos, European Law Firm, at Bruxelles deals with european affairs. We developped an international consulting partnership and are close to Italia and italian lawyers.