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The Cherchi and Partners, European Law Firm at Bruxelles, has been able since the 1990s, under the auspices of its founder, Mariapaola Cherchi, trained in Belgian and Italian law, to observe the changes in the justice and the law executed across the European Union. “Cherchi and Partners” has set up an international consulting partnership to assist clients across the full spectrum of potential legal problems. Even though one of the principal aims of the European Union has been the creation of a single legal order, the actual legal systems of the 28 member states are still far from uniform.

These remarks, relieved in “Cherchi and Partners” experience, have induced the Law Firm to take on complex, multinational issues with the intention of offering European citizens due protection of their rights and interests, whether private or professional, in all the countries of the European Union.

We are mainly specialized in commercial law, labour law, family law and civil law in general.

Cherchi and Partners is European in practice as well as in spirit, putting itself “at the service of European citizens”.

Recognizing the importance of European integration,” Cherchi & Partners Law Firm” has established the "European Affairs" department, which is focused on implementing the idea of “Europeanisation” in small and medium enterprises, both public and private, informing citizens on the opportunities offered by the European Union.

Moreover “Cherchi & Partners European Law Firm” is now looking at the Asian Continent, with a special focus on the trade between Europe and China. Within a global context, the “Cherchi & Partners European Law Firm” assists its European and Chinese clients during their activities, always paying great attention to the respect and the knowledge of the involved cultures.

Mariapaola Cherchi is the founder of the « Mouvement du citoyen européen pour la Justice ».
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The Cherchi & Partners, European Law Firm, at Bruxelles deals with european affairs. We developped an international consulting partnership and are close to Italia and italian lawyers.